10 covers that protect your Galaxy Z Flip 3

Show off your mobile as it is


Galaxy Z Flip 3 is available in a couple of different colors, so the chances are quite high that you choose the model that best reflects your personality. In that case, a transparent shell fits best, especially Ringke’s variant which is made of solid polycarbonate.

Costs SEK 209 on Amazon Sweden

Do not leave fingerprints


Here is the exact opposite of the above shell, namely one that covers the back of the phone with a different pattern. Yuketop’s Flip 3 shell is also made of a really grip-friendly material that also keeps fingerprints away.

Costs SEK 174 on Amazon Sweden

For business people


A picture is worth a thousand words. And then also the image of this high-class mobile cover, whose look makes us think of leather briefcases that abound around certain areas. And if you are now a business person, why not match your Galaxy Z Flip 3 with your existing portfolio?

Costs SEK 339 at Cdon

No crocodile tears here not


Crocodile’s tough shell gives your Galaxy Z Flip 3 a unique leather look. However, whether it is based on the pattern of the real crocodile does not tell the story.

Costs SEK 359 at Cdon

Bling bling


Do you want your new, foldable mobile to feel even more luxurious? Then decorate it with this transparent and gold-plated shell from Flip Case.

Costs SEK 156 on Amazon Sweden

Not as bling bling


Flip Case’s transparent shells are also available in a more discreet form, where the gold plating has been replaced in favor of something less shiny. However, the function is the same.

Costs SEK 159 on Amazon Sweden

Extra shock and slip protection


This shell stands out from the crowd, and literally. It has a protruding and cushion-like surface that protects the phone from slipping out of your hand.

Costs SEK 226 on Amazon Sweden

Stylish shell


Sometimes we just want a stylish shell without extra frills. Like this one from Folenzu. In addition to the super nice black shell, there are also options for you who prefer clearer colors.

Costs SEK 149 on Amazon Sweden

Tough shell for tough missions


If you already know that your new Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be part of one and another, it might be just as good to hit big right away. For example, by equipping it with this “tough armor” shell from Spigen. Contrary to popular belief, the mobile phone can still benefit from wireless charging, despite its thick shell.

Costs SEK 349 at Cdon

Real leather


And then finally something really special, a really thin shell in genuine leather. Why? Because sometimes we have to indulge in the good things in life, despite the higher price tag.

Costs SEK 799 at Elgiganten