10 covers that protect your Galaxy Z Fold 3

Tough armor for a tough mobile

Tough Armor

Just like with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Spigen has also developed a hard and specially adapted shell for the new Galaxy Fold 3. It contains as much as double layers of silicone and polycarbonate, and is also equipped with protective edges that protect the front display and cameras.

Costs SEK 510 at Amazon Sweden

Stylish wallet shell in leather

leather with wallet

Are you used to those wallet cases that are common for “regular” mobiles? Do you want a similar solution for the new Galaxy Z Fold 3? Fortunately, the unconventional shape of Samsung’s foldable mobile phone is no obstacle to that. At least not with this Newzerol leather case. Now, of course, friend of order wonders how we then access the front display and of course this is also solved in a really quirky way.

Costs SEK 176 at Amazon Sweden

Stylish leather shell without wallet

Leather without wallet

If you would rather keep your money and mobile phone separate, there is also a solution for that. In a number of different colors as well. Who says we must always have everything gathered in one place?

Costs SEK 349 at Cdon

Show off your treasure


Galaxy Z Fold 3 is already tough enough as it is, and with this transparent shell from Ringke, you can also show off the phone in all its glory. Extra features that are included are a so-called “Quickcatch” keyhole, where you can attach wrist or neck straps.

Costs SEK 239 at Amazon Sweden

For better grip


Watache’s contribution to the fast-growing crowd of Fold 3 shells is nothing short of a specially designed variant with a carbon fiber pattern on the back. This means, among other things, that you get a firmer grip on the phone, but also that the phone becomes virtually non-slip when you use the underside as a built-in stand.

Costs SEK 174 at Amazon Sweden

Show that you mean business

Business must

We have previously suggested the business shell for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, and of course there is also a variant for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. With it, you get the outside of your new, super expensive phone to match your super expensive leather portfolio. A must for serious business people.

Costs SEK 339 at Cdon

Super thin as the air we breathe

Phantom green

Spigen’s Air Skin case is exactly what the name suggests – a really thin case that is barely noticeable. Much like the air. We especially stuck to this variant called “Phantom Green”.

Costs SEK 276 at Amazon Sweden

Heavy and thin armored shell

Slim armor

Spigen also has a special shell that combines the almost non-existent width of their thinner shell with the Tough Armor shell. The result is Slim Armor Pro, something for you who want the best of both worlds. As a bonus, it can also handle wireless charging and also does not prevent your mobile from using the Powershare function.

Costs SEK 918 at Amazon Sweden

Built-in stand


Sure, you can fold your new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and let half the screen act as a stand. But it does require you to actually pick up the phone. It gets trickier if you just want to use the front display. That is, unless you provide your mobile with Boleyi’s specially designed covers for that purpose. Now, of course, the shell has some other properties as well, such as shock-absorbing tpu bearing protection.

Costs SEK 53 at Amazon Sweden

Something to bite into


And finally, a leather shell whose pattern is reminiscent of the crocodile’s, the obligatory Crocodile shell. Why? Well, once we have tipped about the variant for the Galaxy Z Flip 3, we can just as easily do it for its more expensive and more advanced big siblings. Right should be right!

Costs SEK 359 at Cdon