10 gadgets that simplify life for our four-legged friends

Vacuum cleaner nozzle for animal hair

Say goodbye to all stubborn hair

As a pet owner, there are few things that get on your nerves as much as when the animals’ hairs get stuck in everything, from carpets, to the bed to the sofa. With a special nozzle for the vacuum cleaner, you can easily suck up all stubborn dog and cat hair that is otherwise a struggle to clean away.

Award: SEK 199 at Prylan.se.

Electric claw profile

Upgrade the file – get rid of the drama

Does your pet hate to cut its claws? Make it easier for both yourself and your friend with an electric claw. This one promises to sharpen your claws in a comfortable and safe way with less risk of going too far and hurting your sweetheart. There are different sizes of file head to fit paws of all possible sizes.

Award: SEK 189 at Prylan.se.

GPS tracker

Be with your four-legged friend in every step

Our biggest fear as a pet owner is that our best friend will run away and never come back. With a GPS that shows your animal’s position in real time, you do not have to worry about this. This GPS is waterproof and easy to attach to your pet’s necklace. The battery lasts for 20 days and you can talk to your pet through a small speaker that is built into the necklace.

Award: SEK 2,145 at Bygghemma.
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LED-lit frisbee

Light up the mood and play in one

Even though we are moving towards brighter times, it unfortunately gets dark far too early for large parts of the year. It should not come between you and the opportunity to play with your dog. Therefore, this LED-lit frisbee can be the perfect toy you can throw away in the dark without risking losing it.

Award: SEK 149 at Prylster.

Laser toy

Keep track and maintenance at the same time

No one likes to leave their pet at home when you have to leave for various reasons. This toy for your cats allows you to control a laser beam from your phone while you can hear what they are up to. If you want, you can also talk to them at the same time. This way you can be close even though you are far away.

Award: 149 dollars (approximately 1,263 kronor) at Amazon

Laser play for cats

The laser toy for the restless cat

A cheaper alternative that is suitable to use when you are away, or at home for that matter, but do not have any energy to play with your cats, this solution is for you. Place this automatic laser toy, which emits rays that your cats can chase in time and out of time, without having to lift a finger.

Award: $ 25 (about $ 212) at Amazon.

Automatic ball thrower

Smart solution for tired houses and carpets

If you are a lazy dog ​​owner, you can instead invest in an automatic ball thrower. Let your dog retrieve tennis balls while you sit down on the grass and smell the flowers. Tip: avoid using indoors if you have windows, paintings or furniture nearby.

Award: 115 dollars (approximately 1,000 kronor) at Amazon.

Cat hatch microchip

Let the kitty come and go on its own

As it becomes difficult for the cat to use the doorbell when it wants to enter, an automatic cat door can be the solution. This cat door reads your pet’s unique microchip ID and therefore does not let in any unknown cat or other unwelcome guests.

Award: SEK 1,196 at Cdon.

Go-smart couple

The smart leash – in more ways than one

Why settle for a classic leash when you can have one with multiple features? This leash includes LED lights for visibility in the dark, a timer to measure how long a walk you have been on and an app that saves activity time for both you and your pet.

Award: 114 dollars (approximately 967 kronor) at My Petkit.

Smart automatic feeder for animals

Smart with the food

Sometimes you do not get the schedule together in everyday life and it is easy for your pet to have to wait too long for supper. An automatic feeder can help you feed your dog or cat when you are not at home, or by giving your four-legged friend clear routines without you having to think for yourself. You connect the feeder to your wifi and download the associated app, where you can then control what time you want your pet to be fed. No more bad conscience!

Award: 170 dollars (approximately 1,425 kronor) Petsafe.