10 most remarkable entries in the Eurovision Song Contest (what did they really think?)

10. Ukraine 2007: Dancing Lasha Tumbai

The contribution we will never forget: Work Serduchka in a disco ball suit and foil hat. It does not get better than this.

9. Lithuania 2006: We are the winners

Being cocky can pay off. We are the winners did not in itself win the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, but was beaten by some hard-rocking monsters from Finland.

8. Estonia 2008: Leto Vet

Three minutes of total confusion. Why do bikini-clad women run around with signs with onions and cake? How do they actually play the piano? When will the song really end?

7. Lithuania 2010: Eastern European Funk

It is difficult to stand out among the many contributions in the ESC. In 2010, Lithuania sent an acapella group with fine glitter underpants.

6. Moldova 2011: So lucky

This stage performance is about as coherent as the melody in the song.

5. Ireland 2008: Ireland douze pointe

If you do not sing “we are the winners” then you can be more subrile. Ireland therefore chose to send a turkey that sang “Ireland Twelve Points”. Unfortunately, the turkey Dustin did not even qualify for the final …

Serbia 2009: Cipela

Three bald choir singers, an accordionist who gets paid on stage, a sour princess and a singer with white fluffy hair. How can it be anything but very strange?

3. France 2008: Divine

S├ębastien Tellier chose to make his entrance in a golf cart and is probably the contribution of all time with the most different camera angles. Say what you will, but the song is actually quite okay.

2. Russia 2012: Party for everybody

How can you forget the aunts with the strange cake machine from Russia? Good luck getting this song out of your head in the near future!

1. Austria 2003: Because man counts

What do you get if you mix a little rock riff into a children’s song? Only Alf Poier’s facial expression during the chorus makes this contribution worth seeing again.