15 gadgets from Amazon that make you the coolest on the ski slope

Here are the things that make your friends roll their eyes, sneak up on you on Facebook or look at you with envy in their eyes. And for safety’s sake, there are also a couple of life-saving gadgets.

Bejaka din inre ZZ Top


In addition to looking like any bassist / guitarist from the band mentioned above, the Beardski Prospector is an insulated ski mask lined with neoprene, woven in thermal fleece and equipped with an elegant 12-inch synthetic beard. This fantastically stupid product has a size that suits everyone. The mask protects the ears, face and neck from the forces of the weather.

Costs SEK 308.89 at Amazon


Outdoor Master

It’s not just Apple that likes to play with magnets. Outdoor Master Pro are ski goggles where the glass is easy to replace and easily attached with magnets. In addition to the insect look they give, they also protect against wind and UV radiation. You can choose from 20 different glasses, ranging from colors to whether they should be for night or day practice.

Costs 361.69 at Amazon

Nice and warm

Warm hands

Frozen hands make no one happy. Especially not if in a panic they have to squeeze a couple of rod shafts while you go down a vertical ice-covered mountain. What you need is a pair of rechargeable hand warmers that also work extra as a power bank. A 3,000 mAh battery with three different heat settings. Like a Macbook Pro in 2007, it gets hot in a few seconds. Fits perfectly in an adult palm and easy to take with you when you are on the go.

Costs SEK 190.04 at Amazon

Flight vision


With a pair of Kuyou ski goggles glued to your face, you will look like a bow tie. What’s even better is that they are available in all sorts of awful colors that are guaranteed to give you attention on the slopes. We pray to all sorts of gods that no one on the hill brings a jar Raid.

Costs SEK 285.76 at Amazon

At Odin’s beard!

Odin's beard

If you feel that the beard mask at the beginning of the article is far too discreet, look no further. The Viking beard hat gives you, if not a barbaric look, then at least an idiotic one. This is a knitted (as if it would make it better) beard hat made of 100 percent acrylic and is – to quote Amazon – an “exquisite handmade craft” that “keeps you both trendy and warm”. We’re a little skeptical.

Costs SEK 123.40 at Amazon

Dry boots

Boot dryer

The only thing worse than putting on your boots is putting on wet boots. This can dry all types of shoes, is easy to assemble and disassemble. A smart temperature control prevents your shoes from shrinking due to too high a temperature. Can be used just as well for socks if you prefer. And the hand on the heart – it’s nice to put your feet in a pair of warm shoes, even if they are boots.

Costs 1,021,04 kronor at Amazon

Keep track of the temperature


Sun Company Brr-ometer is a small temperature gauge that you attach to the zipper. Works on everything as long as there is a zipper.

Costs SEK 62.99 at Amazon

Rechargeable socks


If you do not want to invest in a sock dryer, how about a pair of electric heating socks? A 5,000 mAh rechargeable battery ensures that your feet rejoice with joy on cold winter days. The socks are made of knitted cotton and not only warms the “sole” but the entire sock emits heat. They can be machine washed, but preferably in a laundry bag.

Costs SEK 480.85 at Amazon

Touch with warm fingers

Point warmly

Clhcilihu are a pair of heated gloves that also work to use with your phone (yes, they also work for tablets, but who has one with them on the slopes?). Touch sensors allow you to easily start a livestream without having to take off your gloves. Temperature control with five different modes and protection from wet makes your hands happy. You can get from 40 up to 55 degrees in the glove – thus coping with really cold winter days. And why limit to the slopes, they work just as well when you skate, for example.

Costs SEK 709.50 at Amazon

Snowball cannon

Snowball Blaster

Snowball Blaster Gun is the perfect apr├Ęs-ski toy. This cannon makes AND shoots snowballs. We can not understand that this one has not hit on a wide front before! Shoots balls over 20 meters. We. Wants. Have.

Costs SEK 259.99 at Amazon

Avalanche safe

Ortovox Freerider

Ortovox Free Rider 20 S Avabag Kit is a so-called avalanche backpack. It has built-in protection for the spine. The backpack also has a wide hip belt with Velcro, and a separate compartment where it is possible to store metal probes and shovels.

Costs SEK 7,840.11 at Amazon

Walla with style


Far away is the time where you rubbed colored wax on the underside of the ski and then had to hope that there was some slippage at all. Now you too can wallow like a pro. But then you need a Swix T70 Extreme. This wrought iron is 1,000 watts and can generate temperatures up to 200 degrees. Digital display and easy-to-adjust temperature control are perfect for powder waxing.

Costs SEK 5,177.75 at Amazon

With safe steps


Are you going hiking in the mountains in winter? Then you may need a pair of Crossblades. This is a snowshoe that will help you glide over the tundra. A system makes it easy to change different positions on the snowshoes, such as whether it is downhill or uphill.

Costs SEK 4,589.57 at Amazon

Of course the boy should have a toboggan


Snowracers are so heavenly 2019. In the year of the pandemic, it’s a toboggan run. The German Luge 115D is not made to plunge down an ice rink, but it is enough to tow someone on and to plunge down a normal hill. Stainless steel rails give you good glide. High seating comfort is also promised. Can be loaded with 150 kilos.

Costs SEK 3,794.33 at Amazon

Protect your back

Cairn Pro Impact

Cairn Pro Impact D3o XL is for you who want to throw yourself down unexplored cliffs. Cairn Pro Impack protects your back from falling off when the slope ends and the fall begins. This one is also certified for motorcycle racing, so that’s good stuff! It weighs very little and adapts to your body. Made of EVA foam and polyester.

Costs 995.20 at Amazon