3 reasons to update to iOS 15.2

Apple had time for a final iOS update before the end of the year and it is surprisingly full of new features. While we’re still waiting for Universal Control in Ipad OS 15 and Mac OS Monterey, iOS 15 has got almost all the promised features before the end of the year. Here are three new features found in iOS 15.2.

Contact for digital heritage

Iphone is designed to protect your privacy and is difficult to access unless you have the password. This can create problems in the event of a death in the family. IOS 15.2 has a solution for this called Contact for digital heritage, which allows you to appoint someone who gets access to your Icloud when you die.

IOS 15.2
Contact for digital heritage. You can leave your digital fingerprint to a loved one with Legacy Contact.

You will find the new feature in Settings / Icloud ID. Open Password and security so you see a new option for Contact for digital heritage. Here you can appoint a contact from your address book who will have access to your inheritance after your death. They will be given an access key with a qr code that they can use to access your Icloud data.

Report on app integrity

Apple focused on app tracking when iOS 14.5 was launched earlier this year. With iOS 15.2, Apple continues on the same theme with the Report on App Integrity. To activate it, go to Integrity in Settings and scroll to the bottom Report on app integrity. Tap it and you will be able to select the function as: “App integrity report shows how often apps with permission to access your data, for example about your location or from the microphone, use it.”

IOS 15.2
The app integrity report keeps an ongoing overview of things you do not see your apps doing.

When the feature is turned on, you see exactly what your favorite apps are doing in the background while using them, as well as which domains the websites you visit are communicating with. If you see something suspicious, you can prevent this by deleting the app.

Search the Apple Music playlist

This is one of the smaller features of iOS 15.2, but it’s the one we’ll probably use the most. Although we were always able to search for playlist names – which was not helpful at all – it was not possible to search for songs in our Apple Music playlists. Now Apple has finally added a playlist search bar, so you can quickly find and jump to a specific song.

IOS 15.2
Finally, you can search playlists in Apple Music.

However, you must use the search bar in a playlist to find specific songs. To find it, open a playlist and swipe down the screen to display the search bar. Enter the song or artist you want to find. It’s an insanely late feature, but as they say, better late than never.

Original article by Michael Simon
Translated and edited by Petter Ahrnstedt