343 Details Season 2 Updates for Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite
Image: Xbox

343 Industries has a new Halo Infinite ‘Season 1 Results Report’ – detailing all the feedback and steps taken to address fan concerns.

While most of this blog update is focused on Season 1, the team has also provided another rundown of what to expect from Season 2. Here’s the TL;DR version of some of the things players can expect from S2 when it launches on May 3:

Season 2


  • Ability to hear an opponent’s shield reload sound is reduced to avoid providing too much information about a player’s location
  • The volume of the Grunt Birthday Party sound effect is increased in Campaign



  • Catalyst (new Arena map) will be added to multiple playlists on day one
  • King of the Hill will be added to multiple playlists
  • Attrition battle is added to multiple playlists
  • In Attrition, a revived player can move immediately after being evicted again
  • Motion Tracker (Radar) has its outer edge detection enabled for shooting and sprinting in social playlists

Big Team Battle

  • Breaker (new BTB card) will be added to matchmaking on day one
  • Jeff Steitzer’s voice returns to shout player-earned medals
  • Fixed an issue causing asymmetric spawns from weapon racks


  • Instead of tracking a player’s entire session, the CSR progress bar now displays the progress of their most recent match

Custom games and forging

  • Fix some bugs in Custom Game, and more to come

Personal AI and Spartan chatter

  • Balance adjustments have been made to emphasize what matters most to players


  • Noticeable stability improvements; the team has solved dozens of PC crashes



  • Melee combat should be more consistent, with opponents “phasing” less and less “whistling” when a melee should have connected


  • A 10% global melee damage reduction on all weapons requires the Mangler to take two shots and a beatdown for a kill.
  • The Ravager’s base shot (unloaded) will take more damage

Friend or foe (IFF) recognition (player outlines)

  • This system now has options that allow players to adjust the opacity and thickness based on their preferences


  • Drop Wall will see slight performance improvements
  • Overshield provides a little more shielding


  • Chopper Collision (splatter) damage will be increased to its vehicle-smashing glory
  • Banshee’s agility and damage will be increased to improve his strike fighter role
  • Warthog & Razorback should be more resistant to flipping and bouncing

343 will also maintain an Outcomes blog leading up to this season, focusing on areas such as customization, store, battle pass, progress, events, theater, and observer mode.

You can get a more in-depth look at everything related to Halo Infinite Seasons 1 and 2 on the Halo Waypoint website.

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