6 weather stations for both new and experienced enthusiasts

With a weather station you can observe temperature, precipitation, air pressure and wind. You can then use that information to make your own weather forecasts. In the past, these devices were staffed by weather observers, but with automation, anyone can become their own hobby weather presenter. Here are some gadgets that can help you along the way.

Smart and stylish

Netatmo weather station

This weather station from Netatmo, with the ingenious name Weather Station, comes with two separate sensors. One for outdoor use, the other for placement inside your home. All you then need to do is sync these to an app (for both iOS and Android) and then you have a personal weather presenter at home. Keep track of the indoor temperature, humidity or what the weather will look like in the next seven days. Can be supplemented with other accessories from Netatmo and is also compatible with Homekit.

Costs 1,390 at Kjell & Company

Join a weather network

PWS Weather Station

PWS Nordic Pro is a professional weather station with associated color display and wifi connection. It measures not only temperature and humidity, but also wind direction and UV strength, to name a few features. With the help of the barometer, you can also get a forecast of the coming weather. If you want more detailed statistics, it is also possible to connect to various interconnected weather networks, such as Weather Underground. The weather station is advantageously mounted on a pole or satellite dish, and the associated unit for indoor use by a window.

Costs from SEK 1,990 at Prisjakt

Five sensors in one

Ventus weather station

Ventus W832 is a modern weather station with color display and wifi. It sends local weather information directly to your mobile, no matter where in the world you are. In addition to basic functions such as indoor and outdoor temperature, you will also find a calendar, frost warning, alarms and wind direction measurement in real time. Connects easily to an additional seven additional temperature and humidity sensors (which, however, are sold separately).

Costs SEK 1,577 at Whiteaway

A cheaper device that does the job

TFA Dostmann weather station

A weather station in the lower price range that offers basic functions. The outdoor temperature is measured and passed on through a wireless sensor, while the indoor temperature is internal to the appliance itself. TFA Dostmann Spira also saves the day’s highest and lowest values, after which you can archive or print these. A small machine that does its job, quite simply.

Costs SEK 548 at Computersalg

Can charge your mobile

Andersson weather station

The cheapest among the weather stations this time is Andersson WSN 2.0, which despite its low price still gives you information about weather, temperature, humidity and air pressure. All you need to do is place the wireless sensor somewhere outside your home, or buy two extra sensors. The control unit can in turn be placed on a table or hung on a wall. It is also equipped with a USB port for charging mobile phones.

Costs SEK 399 at Netonnet

Was solar power

Protech weather station

For those with ambitions higher than hobby level, Protech offers a really advanced set. Their weather station Meteorological Institute allows you to track the weather, monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, wind direction and speed, UV and precipitation. The unit can be supplemented with other accessories, such as a lightning strike sensor, and can thus become your very own professional weather station. It can also be connected to various weather stations via the network. This way you get more detailed information. A big plus is that the outdoor unit has built-in solar panels, and thus saves batteries on sunny days.

Costs from SEK 2,390 at Prisjakt