7 vacuum packers that make the food last longer

In addition to using a vacuum packer to make the food last longer, you can also cook something as clever as “sous vide”. Sous vide is French and means “under vacuum.” This means that you cook the food at a low temperature for a longer period, think slow cooking, but in sealed vacuum bags that are placed in a pot or saucepan.

Takes no place

Food Saver Fresh

If you have a cramped snake space in the kitchen, the Foodsaver Fresh Appliance FFS010X is for you. It is a small and practical vacuum packer that is excellent for storing fresh produce in the fridge. Some fresh produce lasts twice as long as traditional storage. A simple push of a button is all that is needed to seal the food in an airtight storage jar or bag.

Costs SEK 299 at Netonnet

Built-in plastic roll


If you like more automated solutions, you should look at a Foodsaver V2860. It has a built-in roll storage and an integrated cutting device that allows you to adjust the size of the bag to the contents. Smart, we think.

It has three different modes: one for standard vacuum sealing, one for food with a lot of liquid and one mode for sealing only. The FV2860 has two speeds and a heart rate function that gives you full control of what is happening. A compact design means that it can be stored standing up and thus take up less space. You also get a jar and a plastic roll.

Costs SEK 1,679 at Hylte Jakt & Lantman

The supreme leader

7949 Supreme Food Sealer

OBH Nordica are not pigeons when it comes to kitchen appliances. If there is an undiscovered occupation in the kitchen that does not have a machine for the purpose, we calmly expect OBH Nordica to produce one. Anyway, their 7949 Supreme Food Sealer has a sleek design with a convenient storage for the roll of bags. Perfect to marinate meat and fish with. A starter pack is included so you can quickly start saving the week’s leftovers.

Costs SEK 959 at Ellos

Variance analyzed vacuum


Did you know that anova means analysis of variance? Neither are we. It comes from the English Analysis of Variance. We leave it unsaid whether the vacuum packer Anova Precision can perform analyzes for you. What it can do, however, is to vacuum pack your leftovers and help with the preparation of sous vide.

Anova Precision has three functions: automatic air extraction, sealing and manual air extraction. When you use the automatic program, the air is sucked out of the bag and then sealed automatically. If the bag has a lot of liquid in it, it is better to use the manual position so that you can control the air flow. The bag is sealed at the touch of a button.

Costs SEK 899 at trettio.se

Manna pumps

Champion CHVF410

Champion CHVF410 – when you need to create a vacuum in batches and minutes. Yep, this racker is equipped with dual pumps with a capacity of 20 liters per minute. The machine can be used for both home and commercial use. Like other machines that cost more, this one also has an integrated holder for the plastic roll. According to Champion, you can store food up to seven times longer than conventional storage methods. Comes with a 30 x 300 centimeter plastic roll.

Costs SEK 1,205 at Bagaren och Kocken

Culture for the Nordic vacuum

Nordic Home Culture

Here we have a compact vacuum packer from Nordic Home Culture, their SEA-001. Easy to use, press the button and it sucks out 3.5 liters of air per minute. The compact design of plastic and stainless steel makes it easy to hide. Nordic Home Culture sends, in addition to the machine, five vacuum bags.

Costs SEK 487 at Proshop

Simple and convenient

Champions CHVF010

Do you think that a traditional vacuum packer takes up too much space in the kitchen cupboard? Then Champions CHVF010 is for you. A flexible format makes it easy to lump into an overcrowded cabinet. CHVF010 has a nozzle that together with Champions Zip bags vacuum packs food in a simple way.

This handheld manikin is delivered together with six bags in two different sizes. More exciting is the inclusion of a wine cork which means that the contents of an opened bottle stay fresh longer. Powered by batteries or via usb (!).

Costs SEK 182 at CDON