8 sites where you can buy great gifts – without breaking social distance

When you have been trapped for months and avoided friends, family and relatives, various birthdays and other special days begin to stack up. Whether you are at risk or not, there are good reasons not to participate in these events, if they are now held at all.

Why not take the opportunity to send a gift instead to show that you are still thinking about the person in question? A gift box is perfect for showing consideration and there are more than just flowers and chocolates that can be handed over.

Like shopping from the deli counter


If you have a connoisseur in the family and want to treat the person that little extra everyday luxury, Ostogram has several different boxes of cheeses. For example, you can choose cheeses of certain special nationalities or a variety of sizes.

Award: 200 – 1500 SEK depending on size
Type of gift: Gift box with various cheeses and other delicacies
Where: ostogram.se/sv

Netflix and snacks

candy box

It can be good to have something to chew on when you cure yourself in the evening with a movie. The candy box gives your acquaintances a variety of flavors to choose from. But please give away the sweets the person appreciates so you won’t find them in a cupboard the next time you’re there.

Award: about 150 – 500kr
Type of gift: Candy for all taste buds
Where: godisboxen.se

A gift for the future


Maybe you’re more eager to give away a gift so there’s something to look forward to when this pandemic is finally over? Then look into Smartbox where you can give different experiences where together you can find different experiences. Ghost walking, spa experience and kayaking are just some of the adventures you can find.

Award: SEK 250 and up
Type of gift: An experience
Where: smartbox.com/se

One flower a day


A little more traditional gift is also not to be underestimated. Let your colleague who recently tore the hedge off to bring home that last sale to achieve budget, or cohabitants who are always there for you get a little extra appreciation through a bouquet of flowers. At Interflora you can choose from a variety of bouquets that are divided among other things to suit the exact moment you are looking for.

Award: About SEK 200 and up
Type of gift: Flowers and the little extra
Where: interflora.se

Mixed compote of gadgets


Decision anxiety about which gift you want to give also affects the best. Here it can then be good with a large selection of products and a great variety between them. Everything from mugs to shoe polish sets can be found on Bluebox.

Award: About SEK 200 and up
Type of gift: A large variety of mixed products
Where: bluebox.se

Something that can never go wrong

chocolate factory

With a chocolate box in your hand, you can bring joy to anyone. At the Chocolate Factory, they even have a special section that they call corona gifts with the idea of ​​giving some joy during this time. If you would rather look for something that lasts for a longer period, you can also take courses to learn how to make chocolates.

Award: SEK 95 and up
Type of gift: Chocolate
Where: chokladfabriken.se

To the adult recipient


A good red or white wine rarely fails. Furthermore, when you can choose from a wide variety of wines from all over Europe, there is guaranteed something to suit the recipient’s taste buds. Don’t forget to change the shipping address only, and the recipient must be over 20 years old to receive the package.

Award: SEK 100 and up
Type of gift: Wine
Where: vinoteket.se

Choose the self-variant


At Huuray you can choose gift cards for a variety of shops and webshops. The gift certificate can either be delivered as a text message or e-mail. Here is also the benefit that the gift certificate can be sent directly, if you for some reason may have forgotten that special day.

Award: SEK 100 and up
Type of gift: Gift Cards
Where: huuray.se