9 infrared heaters that extend the summer’s night out

Warm and Qbeautiful

Infrared heater

Qiulao wall-mounted infrared heaters have ipx65 rating and heat you and your company with
1,880 nice warming watts. The heating elements are located in a robust and stainless steel casing, which makes it suitable for balconies, balconies and more. Best of all, the heat only takes a few minutes to emanate over your frozen bodies.

Costs SEK 2,500 at Amazon Sweden

Showtime with Opranic

Infrared heating

Opranic Thor is a portable infrared heater with a minimalist design in a black aluminum construction that looks good on the patio. Opranic Thor radiates heat broadly and gives a nice glowing glow. The heater uses something they call ir-x technology, which heats objects directly without heating the air. It is ipx4 certified and has a burning time of up to 10,000 hours.

Costs SEK 2,299 at Hemmy

Nice and warm

Infrared heating

With a BBGS Outdoor Electric Patio Heater you can heat your patio, balcony or whatever it may be. If the element overheats or overturns, it switches off automatically. Three power levels guarantee to keep you warm and comfortable even during autumn rush.

Costs SEK 3,151 at Amazon Sweden

Lightning fast

Infrared heating

Hortus patio heater is of the wall model and reaches full effect in one second (!). Suitable for mounting about three meters from where you sit. Burn time of at least 5,000 hours, IP55 certification and 1,500 nice warming watts also make autumn an ​​enjoyable season.

Costs SEK 887 at Whiteaway

The Leaning Tower

Infrared heating

Terrace heater Termo Pisa is a water-resistant story which with its ip55 rating is approved for outdoor use. The protective grille around the elements has been treated with a heat-protective layer called Cool Touch Technology, which means that you do not burn yourself on the grille if you accidentally come across it. Two modes, 450 and 900 watts respectively, keep you warm. It is also possible to set an oscillating position so that the heat is evenly distributed. The burning time is about 5,000 hours.

Costs SEK 939 at Garden Store

Umbrella heating

Infrared heating

Mount your own sun in the parasol and enjoy up to 2,000 warming watts. Termo Parasol is easily mounted and then dissipates heat under the parasol. There are three different heating modes: 650.1 300 and 2000 watts. It is possible to have a table under the heater, but make sure that the distance between the table and the heater is at least between 120 – 180 centimeters. The heater also emits heat upwards, which means that you must have a distance of about 30 centimeters to the parasol fabric.

Costs SEK 1,329 at the Garden Store

Heat from the floor

Infrared heating

Termo Milano is a practical one in that you can easily move it to the person who freezes the most in the company. Three power modes: 650, 1,300 and 2,000 watts. The head of the heater can be turned up or down at a 45 degree angle. It is also equipped with anti-tip devices. Approved for outdoor use with ip44 certification.

Costs SEK 579 at the Garden Store

Ardala hot enough?

Infrared heating

We apologize for the above failed Gothenburg suite. The patio heater Ardala provides warmth during chilly autumn evenings. Remote control included for ease of heating. The power is 1,200 watts. Like most others, it has become IP55 certified.

Costs SEK 1,295 at Bauhaus