A beginner’s guide to Final Fantasy XIV

It can be difficult to get acquainted with Final Fantasy XIV as a new player. We have flipped through some books from Eorzea to make the introduction as easy as possible. Here are ten tips to follow.

1. Do not think too hard about which profession you should choose

Once you step into Eorzea, it’s time to build a character.
It can feel overwhelming to choose a profession, but in Final Fantasy XIV you can choose at will. You can actually test each profession on one and the same character. Once you have unlocked a profession, you can choose between them by equipping the profession’s signature weapon. This makes it easy for you to try new things and find out what kind of light warrior you want to be on the battlefield. You do not have to make several characters to be able to try everything. Just go bananas and try it out to find what works for you.

2. To select a starting point

Once you have chosen a profession, you will have to start in a specific place in Eorzea. Your profession determines where you start somewhere. This does not change much for the early part of the game. However, it can affect how long it takes before you have access to all major cities. Thinking about this can be a good idea if you are going to play with friends from the start. You do not want to be stuck anywhere without your friends, after all.

3. To choose Grand Company

Early in the game, when you have visited all the cities, you will be able to choose between three different Grand Companies. After being introduced to their approaches and ideologies, it can feel like a big decision to make. However, this is not the case. Your choice does not affect the story or how the game is played, so you can basically choose which company you want. It’s more of a taste than anything else. The main difference is the cosmetic items you can get from the various companies. If it’s important to you, it may be worth checking it out in advance. If you are dissatisfied with your choice, you can switch to another Grand Company later.

Ride in style – select mount

Using Chocobo Keepers to travel between different areas is thankful to have access to, of course, but at some point in the game you will probably want your own mount. After choosing your Grand Company, you can unlock your own, personalized Chocobo mounts. This by completing the quest “My Little Chocobo” which is located in the city where your company is located. This quest also makes it possible to ride on other types of mounts that you may have gotten hold of.

5. Sell among your quests

In the beginning, side quests are not that important. Playing the main story will level you up really well and give you a feel for how it works. The main story has a golden ‘flame marker’ and should be impossible to miss. What is important is that there are also Feature Quests, which unlock fine features such as the ability to use matter, dyes and a lot more. These quests have a blue marking with a plus on them. As soon as you start seeing them, you should pick them up.

6. How to level up without side quests

If you happen to be level-blocked in the main story, there are ways to solve it. You want to take a look at Duty Finder, which throws you into random dungeons and troals trials that you have already unlocked and passed. These give you extra exp, once every day. If you make it a routine, you will avoid being level-blocked during your adventure. If you want to boost your levels further, there are also weekly challenges to tackle.

7. Fashion is A and O

We know, you know. Having good stats is important, but looking good is (as in so many other games) something that is at least as important. There is an expression in Final Fantasy XIV-community – glamor is the true end game. The glamor system allows you to change individual armor parts and weapons to look like completely different equipment. As a new player, you can unlock this feature at level 15 through quests “If I Had a Glamor”. This makes it possible to make your equipment from any flea market look more coordinated and handsome. It also gives you access to Glamor Dresser which can be found in all inns. There you can save different outfits and switch between them at will.

8. Change your character even more

When we are still looking good, we should add that you should unlock the Aesthetician as soon as you get the chance. By completing the level 15 quest “Beauty is Only Scalp Deep” you unlock the opportunity to change how your character looks. Hair color, hairstyle, facial features, etc. You can do this by going into an inn and ringing the crystal bell to call ‘the Aesthetician’, who will help you for only 2000 gil. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: FFXIV Edition.

9. Get to Waking Sands fast!

During your early days as an adventurer, you will discover a place called the Waking Sands. For some reason, Waking Sands is located in Vesper Bay and there is no way to teleport you there via Aetheryte Crystals. However, there is a way to save on travel time. Teleport to Limsa Lominsa, use aetheryte to get to Arcanist’s Guild and then take the ferry to Vesper bay. It may sound a bit cumbersome, but you will thank us in the end, believe us.

10. Get help from the community

Community to Final Fantasy XIV values ​​helpfulness and kindness among themselves. Do not be afraid to ask for help. As a new player, you will be given the title “Sprout”, which will make you available to the Novice Network. It is an exclusive chat, in-game, which allows beginners to get help from mentors. Using the Novice Network is an easy and useful tool for finding new friends who can help you with whatever it is you need.