A closer look at Stasis in Destiny 2: Beyond Light – the power that will change the game

Prevent, freeze and crush your enemies with Stasis.

Bungie reveals more information about Stasis, the new power players will be able to use in their fight against the Dark Ages Destiny 2: Beyond Light. which will be released on November 10 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia (and next-generation consoles when they become available).

Stasis has sprung from darkness and manifests itself as ice and crystals, a kind of entropy that freezes down and weakens enemies – and then crushes them! The force can also be used to create temporary barriers and structures in the surroundings. Stasis is an ability unlike any other in Destiny’s history and it will change the way you play.

Beyond Light will introduce new content in Destiny 2, but also remove old content. You can read more about this process here.

Each class gets its own version of Stasis with special features and functions. While we do not know exactly what each one does specifically, we know what they are called. Warlocks will be Shadebinder, which with a stick of ice can shock-freeze opponents around it. Hunters stay Revenant, which with ice picks can freeze a large area. Titans become Behemoths, which with its hands sends off avalanches that freeze down nearby enemies which can then be crushed.

We learn more about Warlocks on September 1, Titans on September 3 and Hunters on September 8. Watch out!

Stasis – a new element

With Stasis, Bungie has created an element that takes Destiny 2 to new heights. This change lies mainly in the synergies it has and the ability to control the environment with temporary obstacles in ice. From what we see in the trailer, Stasis has the ability to slow down and weaken opponents, for example interrupting another player’s active super. If you then follow up with even to Stasis attack, the opponent freezes in place and can easily be crushed into a thousand pieces.

This synergy of primaries and successors lays the foundation for a stronger interaction between players who will serve them both in everyday activities and the most difficult challenges. Combine it with exciting new exotic objects and existing forces, we have a magical compote that has the potential to breathe new, exciting life into Destiny!

You can read more about Stasis on Beyond Lights’ official website.

These synergies will not only come in handy in the fight against hordes of enemies in PvE, but will be able to turn the battle in PvP. Tactical counterattacks where players help each other to take points in Control or block sniper passages with walls of ice will overthrow Crucible in ways that are hard to imagine today.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Bungie.

The problem with Stasis

In addition to the fact that Destiny’s PvP will be completely dominated by Stasis in the beginning of Beyond Light, there are potentially long-term problems with such a powerful force as this. My main concern lies in the value of other forces when Stasis offers so much. Key features such as Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn will probably continue to dominate in maximizing boss damage and survival, but what happens to the regular classes when the new ones provide players with very strong neutral properties?

As a Warlock main, I’m afraid Shadebinder will be so strong that I feel compelled to play it. Apart from Devour, I see no point in running Void forces. All Solar forces except Well of Radiance can get it very tough against Stasis. And my worries are not based on the fact that I feel threatened by the new forces – I welcome them! But for someone like me who has played Destiny since 2014, I also know how revolutionary new features are for the balance.

Most likely, the old forces will need to be upgraded with new features to offset the Stasis. Because I have a hard time seeing Stasis get fat without losing its key qualities. In time, we know the effects of the forces of darkness – and with an expansion called Lightfall (released in 2022), it is very likely that the subclasses we know today will change.

Destiny 2 expansions until 2022.
Destiny 2, Bungie.