A closer look at Warlock Shadebinder – Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Bungie has today released perhaps the most interesting information to date regarding the Beyond Light expansion. The information comes in connection with the deep dive in Warlock Shadebinder, the new class for Warlocks that uses the forces of darkness. According to Bungie, Warlock Shadebinder is the master at freezing his opponents thanks to his crystal cane, which with dark forces manifested as ice completely freezing opponents. The warlock can then choose to crush the ice sticks or focus on more important things – such as reading a book.

Aspect and Fragment

When Beyond Light was announced, they said that the new classes will have a deeper system of choices when it comes to tailoring their features. Today it presents this system with Aspect and Fragment.

In addition to choices when it comes to customizing their mobility, grenade, and class traits, each Stasis class (Hunter and Titan included) will be able to equip themselves with Aspects that give the player’s Stasis powers new features. For example, Warlock Shadebinder can use a Frostpulse Aspect to give its Rift the ability to freeze enemies nearby.

Fragments are objects that you can then install in an Aspect with free slots and provide additional properties. For example, a Wisper of Refraction can return Rift energy when Shadebinder kills frozen enemies. This is a combination of Aspect and Fragment that complement each other and create interesting game opportunities. Unfortunately, many Fragments come with negative effects such as reduced strength or discipline.

While Aspecter is linked to specific Stasis classes, such as Shadebinder in the case of Warlock, Fragments are universal and can be used by all Stasis users. Both Aspect and Fragment are objects that are found as physical things in the game world and must be found before they can be used.

You can read more about Shadebinder and Aspect and Fragment in Bungie’s latest blog post.