A completely barred French game teased on video

The Nintendo Switch is obviously known for the many successful games developed and marketed on it by the Kyoto company. Thanks to the hybrid character of the console and its detachable motion-sensing Joy-Con, another type of game has managed to make its mark on Switch. As the Fitness Boxing series has shown, Fitness games can find their audience on the Nintendo machine. And a new actor has decided to join the race. With a game that promises to be completely crazy.

The Nintendo Switch will receive in 2022 a Fitness game that promises to be truly quirky. Just for Games recently unveiled Funfit, a new Switch game developed by the French from BreakFast Games. And the announcement of the game sets the tone. The publisher says in fact that his game is a “brand new revolutionary sports program (or almost). “

The mystery remains (almost) whole

For the moment, people whose curiosity has been piqued by Funfit will have to be satisfied with vague information. The very first images of Funfit lead in any case to believe that the game will be a crossed out title in the purest tradition of Japanese video games. The game’s announcement release also suggests that multiplayer will be part of the game.

And obviously, the publisher of the game is well aware of what works on the Internet. Indeed, the very first screenshot of the game highlights a cat (unrolling toilet paper). However, there is no information to know in what context this image will appear in Funfit.

Funfit on Nintendo Switch.

At present, therefore, very little information has been communicated about Funfit. Just for Games promises, however, that the situation will change soon. It remains to discover the gameplay of the game and whether it will manage to make a Fitness game on Switch fun.

A Nintendo Switch game to follow?

Cannot be categorical about Funfit at this time. The teaser and the first screenshot of the Switch game, however, are reminiscent of titles like Muscle March. As a reminder, the latter is a WiiWare game released in 2009 in which crazy bodybuilders had to cross environments just as offbeat. If Muscle March was not strictly speaking a Fitness game, its universe could well have similarities with that of Funfit. Answers soon.

What does this first teaser inspire you? Could the a priori zany side of Funfit catch your attention? Have you ever tried fitness software on Nintendo Switch? If so, what did you think? Tell us all in the comments below.