A dealer tries a new method against scalpers

PS5 supply issues continue. And as demand for the Sony console does not abate, speculators and other scalpers continue to take advantage of the situation. One after another, Japanese dealers are trying new strategies to deter speculators.

In Japan, a brand has decided to mark the packaging of new PS5s to repel scalpers. As the site reports Playstation universe, the dealer in question is GEO. When buying a PS5 in one of its stores, the console box will be open. The pocket in which the DualSense controller is located will be marked with a cross.

If the customer refuses, GEO will in turn refuse to sell him the PS5. The idea behind this approach is obviously to make the PS5 lose its new character. A console marked in one way or another loses its value and becomes more difficult to resell.

PS5 GEO scalpers

New PS5s, but not really anymore

As a reminder, this dealer is not the only brand to use radical methods to fight against scalpers. The Nojima Denki channel writes the full name of the buyer of a PS5 directly on the box of the latter. And that’s not all.

Nojima Denki is also getting rid of the DualSense controller packaging in the PS5 box. This radical double measure adds to a restrictive payment system used by the reseller.

Indeed, several Japanese chains including Nojima Denki and Yodobashi Camera have been asking PS5 buyers for several months to use the store’s card to make their purchase. But as shown by the various measures listed above were not enough.

Dealers and scalpers in a PS5 dance

It should also be noted that the PS5s are basically sold via a lottery system by the various brands in Japan. When console stocks arrive, the “first come, first served“therefore does not apply. The fault is too small quantities available and crowd movements that occurred before the installation of this system.

As previously stated, the PS5 has already passed the milestone of one million copies sold in Japan. The low sales figures for physical PS5 games in the archipelago, however, suggest that a large part of these machines have been taken over by scalpers.

What do you think of this new Japanese strategy? Do you think it will be enough to deter Japanese speculators fond of PS5? What do you think would be the best method to fend off speculators? Give us your opinion in the comments below.