A double dose of Darius on PS4 and Switch

The Darius series continues to breed on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The latest release is DariusBurst: Another Chronicle EX + which was released on July 27 (after some delay), both physically and digitally. The game is a gate of the arcade with (almost) the same title from 2011, but with the extra content that a plus sign brings. The physical edition seems to be a little harder to get over in Europe, though Play-Asia have both console versions available. Also CDON seems to have the PS4 version.

The second game out is G-Darius HD, which is also physically and digitally released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. G-Darius HD is a remaster signed by the masters M2 and will be released later this year. If you are okay with Japanese location, you have in itself been able to refuel it since February on both machines, but it is good that ININ and the M2 seems to take its European fans the time we deserve.

At ININ: s Darius page there is more info about the series, including one link to Strictly Limited Games which accounts for a number of the publisher’s physical releases.