A high news for Ghostrunner

In the last city of mankind, an augmented bodyguard has failed in his task and lost everything. From the grim depths of Dharma Tower, Ghostrunner must rise from a world that has already perished. He must get past authoritarian hordes who want to see him dead and fight a leader who defeated him once before. Master speed, agility and violent reflexes that only cybernetic improvements can contribute. Run on walls, fly through the air, climb and fight against time to survive in a brutal world where a hit means death.

Free updates

Free updates have been released, including Kill Run Mode. This is a game mode with strict time limits and stands as Dharma Tower’s biggest challenge. In Kill Run Mode, players can chop down enemies to add precious seconds to the timer, get through sections as fast as possible and reach new placements on the game’s leaderboard. Players will also be able to capture their most crisp moments from a whole new perspective with the help of Photo Mode. Break the fourth wall for the perfect angle and see Ghostrunners enchanting cyberpunk world with completely new eyes.

In addition to new content, there will also be quality of life updates. On console, gamers can have fun with aim assist for their grappling hook, a customizable slider for FOV (field of view), and the newly added frame rate boosted performance mode for PS4 Pro. On PC, we have NVIDIA Reflex, which significantly reduces the delay.

Metal Ox Pack

Celebrate the year of the ox with four new katanas and trade designed according to Confucius’ principles and values;
Benevolence. Justice. Rite. Integrity.

Physical release for Switch

Ghostrunners upcoming release for the Nintendo Switch will include every update released since the game’s digital release. This includes performance, stability improvements, control adjustments and upgraded graphics.

Metal Ox Pack is available for purchase separately for just over fifty (4.99 euros). For a limited time, there is a Keymaster Bundle on Steam, which contains Ghostrunner, Winter Pack, Metal Ox Pack, for 10% discount.