A Memoir Blue unveils in video on PS4 / PS5, a narrative game without words

Seen recently on our antennas, A Memoir Blue is, it seems, “an atmospheric journey” which features a certain Miriam who, on the day of her greatest success, plunges back into old forgotten memories … Yes, the pitch may seem a bit “weak”, but you know the beauty of life, simplicity, everything …

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To be quite frank with your minds, it is Shelly chen who explains to us through well chosen words what is said A Memoir Blue, on the PlayStation blog. So that we really understand the why and how of the development of such a video game … Rather of an experience? Hmmmm ….

Memory in the skin

This is indeed what the narrator, who designed this title, which seems atypical in the current landscape, tells us … “The story of the game is taken from a trip that I lived with my mother when I I was a child. In my memories, we had traveled to the coastal town next to ours to have a wonderful day, but when I grew up I understood that my mother had left with me to flee our home. “

Here is what sets the “decor” … An adventure at the start, based on personal memories therefore, and even if other real events are still at the heart of the project, it is completed by some creative additions “so that the players can understand what Miriam feels on her journey “.

Travel without words

And as Shelly Chen explains, “Some of the scenes in the game are taken directly from my memories when I was six years old. One of the things I remember very well is the train on which my mother and I embarked at the start of our journey. “…

Another aspect of A Memoir Blue which may seem quite unexpected these days (though) is the fact that his narrative unfolds entirely without a single word being uttered. Because, unlike other narrative games, A Memoir Blue uses “expressive character animations and songs instead of dialogue”. The developer adds that he “took great care in fine-tuning every move and every melody so that players understand the story visually.”