A patch allows you to BREAK everything and cross player like crazy

THQ Nordic just sent us a message via digital carrier pigeon that will thrill followers, and there is, if you want my personal opinion, regarding Wreckfest, its massive destruction racing game. And this should appeal to most humans, starting with a certain Poufy … who already has over 400 hours of playtime on it. Bigre …

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Now, therefore, as specified above in the intro, Wreckfest is updated, via a “patch” of 1.334 GB precisely (on PS5 at least), allowing games and digital wonders, as we say at Gameblog.

The patch in question therefore specifies this kind of thing:

All platforms are affected by this update. These updates bring graphic improvements such as the dynamic dust on PC, the possibility of play between all the platforms concerned, to import their saves on PlayStation, but also improvements on Xbox Series X / S, and bugs fixed on the Bonus cars of the game.

I know at least one who will jump on it in a few seconds …