A reference to a Philips CD-i game made by Nintendo?

If Nintendo is obviously proud of its The Legend of Zelda series, part of the latter’s history is voluntarily forgotten by the Kyoto firm. This pan corresponds to the three Zelda games released on the infamous Philips CD-i. And while Nintendo carefully avoids mentioning these titles, it might have broken that rule recently.

It seems that Nintendo made a voluntary reference to one of the Zelda games released on Philips CD-i. A few days ago, Nintendo of America’s Twitter account posted a series of tweets relating to Zelda’s story. These tweets consisted of several polls about the likes of fans of the license. And the last of them did not fail to make the connoisseurs as well as the amateurs of English-speaking memes react.

FYI, that last question was “can you wait to bomb some Dodongos?“And if this sentence may seem like it came out of nowhere to the majority of French players, it hides a very specific reference.

Indeed, Link goes out “Great! I can’t wait to bomb some Dodongos!“with enthusiasm in one of the famous cutscenes of Link: The Faces of Evil. The latter, released in 1993, is one of the games linked to these Nintendo licenses released on CD-i. Taken out of context, this sentence has since become a popular internet meme The video of the excerpt in question is available below.

Nintendo relaxes its instructions vis-à-vis CD-i games?

Nintendo’s tweet is therefore so specific that the reference seems completely voluntary and desired. Even if it is only a tweet intended to be humorous, this reference is no less surprising. Indeed, Nintendo generally makes sure to avoid mentioning the Zelda games released on the Philips console. They are for example not mentioned in the official book The Legend of Zelda – Hyrule Historia.

During the establishment of the partnership between Nintendo and Philips around a CD player for Super Nintendo (which has never been released), the Kyoto company gave the authorization to Philips to develop and market games using its characters . This agreement brought Hotel Mario to life as well as three Zelda games. These three titles, Link: The Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon and Zelda’s Adventure have become over time subjects of much mockery.

Two of three Zelda games released on Philips CD-i.

Three ugly ducklings

These are linked as much to their artistic direction as to their gameplay or the play of their actors. Because as the story of the day shows, these games had fully dubbed cinematics (including in French).

Is the reference in question here an exception to the rule for the joke? Or has Nintendo changed its way of looking at these Zelda CD-i? Impossible to make a statement one way or the other. Nintendo’s rigor in its way of managing its brands, however, leads us to believe that the first choice is closer to the truth.

What do you think of this tweet? Do you think Nintendo intentionally referred to one of the Zelda games released on CD-i? Do you feel that Nintendo should acknowledge the existence of these titles and include them in the official timelines? Give us your opinion in the comments below.