a sharp increase in wages for Japanese employees

In front of a fifth of records, Capcom Japan rewards its employees with a 30% increase. A new system of bonuses and organization are also in place.

Some would have kept everything for themselves, but Capcom Japan does not eat that bread. Thanks to its strong growth (for 9 years) and its record profits (for 5 years), the publisher of Resident Evil can make a gesture towards its Japanese employees. For this, the company announces two measures, and a reorganization in human resources to improve the daily life of employees.

Pampered employees in Japan

In order to protect against a drain of talents, to recognize them at their fair value and to improve their productivity, Capcom increases all its Japanese employees by 30%. A strong first step combined with a new bonus system depending on the commercial performance of the company. And as said above, given the health of Capcom for a bunch of years, the bonuses should allow employees to have some fun. Changes effective today, Friday, April 1, 2022.

After the wallet, Capcom is attacking the well-being of the people who make it successful. Thus, the company will continue to “develop its systems for evaluating and training its employees”. Moreover, the Japanese giant reorganizes its human resources with four departments headed by a manager who takes office. All this in order to create quality AAAs over the long term, improving the working environment and employee productivity. Employees who should be able to communicate more effectively with management.

To bring in money, Capcom relies on the continual sale of its games in the classic way, or through promotions. Incidentally, Resident Evil Village has sold out 5.7 million units and Resident Evil 7, for the sixth fiscal year in a row, added 1 million copies. Monster hunters are also popular.

You only have to see Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin which claims more than 1.4 million copies. Monster Hunter Rise, him, exceeded 8 million (figures January 2022).