A standard to tame them: Matter should make smart home-life easier

For a couple of years, it has been known that the giant companies Google, Amazon, Apple together with additional players worked on a common standard for the smart home. The project was already named Chip in 2019 – Connected Home Over IP – but it is really only now that we get really useful information about it.

Matter will be the name of the standard that will now be almost ready to be rolled out. The presentation was made by Connectivity Standard Alliance – formerly Zigbee Alliance – which believes that Matter will significantly facilitate the development and use of connected home gadgets from various manufacturers. The smart home scene has long been fragmented, with a large number of different ecosystems that often have difficulty “playing” with each other.

To exemplify this, we can say that it will be much easier to connect a product from the Amazon Alexa system with one that was originally built for Apple’s Homekit framework. For smart home users, this has previously involved a lot of tinkering, often with a hub as a solution.

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We also got to see the Matter logo, which will adorn certified devices. It should also make it easier to find the right gadgets when you shop to ensure that they are actually talking to each other. Thread, Wifi, Ethernet and Bluetooth Low Energy are the transmission technologies that will at least initially be supported.

In the same vein as the presentation, the Zigbee Alliance changed its name to the Connectivity Standard Alliance. The organization has managed to gather more than 180 members who now support Matter, where in addition to the companies already mentioned, we also find names such as Samsung Smartthings, Signify and Somfy.

The first Matter-certified units are expected to appear at the end of the year. The first categories that will be represented include smart lighting, thermostats, electrical contacts, sensors and various types of connected locks.