A teaser, technical issues and more questions

This Tuesday, August 10 was to mark the start of a clearer communication phase for an independent project that is causing a lot of turmoil on the Internet. Many players were in the starting blocks to discover Abandoned. But once again the mountain gave birth to a mouse.

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Abandoned did not show anything at the scheduled time. The soap opera continues for the mysterious survival game Blue Box. The Realtime Experience application, which was supposed to make it possible to discover on PS5 a first video of Abandoned this Tuesday August 10, 9:00 p.m. ptantes had teased the first content a few minutes earlier on Twitter with a clip still as nigmatic.

Of course, this simple excerpt made the most fanatics see the model of James Sunderland, protagonist of Silent Hill 2, reinforcing the idea that Konami and Hideo Kojima are well connected to the project despite the denials.

The fact remains that from the time chosen for when we launch the Realtime Experience on PS5, we have for the moment only a message on a black background encouraging us to come back later (see in our gallery).

Thank you Bernard, it’s a joke of crtin, a

A new quack or a real plot to make gamers go crazy with videographers and streamers hoping to capitalize on the confusion? The official version, for the moment, indicates a technical problem.

A technical problem is preventing the patch from being deployed. We are working to make it work as fast as possible. We apologize.

It is recalled that the first revelations should have taken place last June and that last minute postponements had changed the plans. Even if we are talking about an independent structure, there is something intriguing about the fact that nothing ever works on time. We can not help but think that if Shuhei Yoshida, Mr. Indies of Sony Interactive Entertainment, comments without saying more, when all this could be seen as a fiasco, there is eel under the rock.

Anyway, the lack of disclosure must have been, if one relies on the tweets that projected the game into Twitter trend (alongside Silent Hill and Kojima, of course). And for now, the new elements of the investigation continue to turn the windmill.

While the Blue Box website indicates to prepare something, the YouTube channel was stripped, as if the developers had shot each other without leaving an address. The Abandoned Forest teaser, a first-person tactical survival game in which we should play an amnsic hero called Jason Longfield, is no longer available on the PlayStation channel.

Anyone wondering why, since there is so much content, other channels are not being used to satisfy the most impatient and break the chain of dissatisfaction? Or just say the shortest jokes are the best? We will obviously monitor the progress of the case, by putting a small part back in the jukebox: do you remember that PT was announced and launched on August 12, 2014 during Gamescom? What a beautiful birthday … OK, I said nothing.