A true school of witers dubbed by CD Projekt RED

The Witcher vein will he dry up? We’re not there yet, that’s for sure. And like Netflix, CD Projekt RED will try to get the most out of it. Before The Witcher III: Wild Hunt appears in Next-Gen version, here is the announcement that is sure to change your life.

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I confess. Yes, I admit that I added some, that the start of this article was exaggerated. Change your life … No, but sometimes. I did, however, spare you a grimacing sticker to call out to you, so please be indulgent. But back to the information, which is still worth its weight in pieces.

Since 2015, training courses to become a witcher have been organized in Poland. No, you’re not dreaming, as there are Jedi schools, there is a school that allows you to think of yourself as Geralt of Rivia. More than 2,300 people from 52 countries have already been able to participate in 32 events that took place over several days in Polish castles.

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The news is that the developers of The Witcher games have approached the organizers. The Witcher School is now a licensed LARP (life-size role-playing game) from The Witcher universe. Fans are therefore assured of the authenticity of the experience in relation to the universe they adore. To participate, a minimum of fluency in English is required, odds between 450 and 500 euros – fed and accommodated in rooms for a five people.

It is a unique opportunity to live in a real castle for 3 days, to follow a witcher training under the supervision of professional trainers, to hunt known monsters from the bestiary and even to meet some famous characters from books and games.

Dastin Wawrzyniak, lead designer for agency 5 Żywiołw, behind the project, explains:

No special conditions are required to participate in the Witcher School ,. The ticket price includes a basic costume, a witcher-apprentice character created by our scenario team, and before that starts there are workshops explaining the game and the safety rules, with special attention to people who are attending the event for the first time.

All information can be found on the official website. Next sessions this fall. You will know where to find me.