Activists say Apple is censoring protesters in Belarus

In connection with the release of Apple’s Iphone 12, activists in Belarus have protested on social media under the hashtag #AppleCensorsBelarus to draw attention to the company working to remove information and posts in channels for the encrypted messaging service Telegram used by those who demonstrate against the regime in the country, reports Newsweek.

Protesters will, among other things, use the Telegram channels to spread names and information about various government employees who have attacked protesters. Apple, in turn, has demanded that the messaging app remove content that identifies police and security personnel as this could cause physical harm, which goes against Apple’s policy on user-created content.

In a comment to Newsweek, activist Tatiana Martynova criticizes Apple’s decision and says that the people of Belarus are peacefully demonstrating against armed fascists who beat and torture the civilian population without any consequences.

Pavel Durov, the Russian entrepreneur who founded Telegram, says that he does not think the situation is black and white and that he would rather leave the channels.

“Typically, Apple does not provide much choice for apps like Telegram in such situations. Unfortunately, I assume that these channels will be blocked on iOS but will continue to be available on other platforms.”

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