Adam Smasher, the most dangerous man in town – Cyberpunk 2077

During Night City Wire and Cyberpunk 2077’s latest trailer, we caught a glimpse Adam Smasher, the cyborg who is probably the single most dangerous person in Night City. Fans of the table role-playing game, the expansion Firestorm Shockwave more specifically, feel him intimately and perhaps even fear his presence in Cyberpunk 2077. And we are right in fearing him, because the world has never seen such a cybernetically upgraded psychopathic killer.

Adam Smasher is the nightmare scenario when RoboCop becomes an evil bastard. Not only is he more machine than human, sadistic and violent, he is also a loyal employee of Arasaka, one of the largest mega companies in the world. He has been since the great corporate wars, which makes Mr. Smasher an active pensioner of about 80 bast. Not because age has prevented Adam from crushing skulls, so to speak.

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After making his presence known in Cyberpunk 2077 we can only speculate in his role and influence. Cyberpunk 2077 still takes place more than 50 years after he fought Morgan Blackhand and Johnny Silverhand. Could it be that the old man has become senile in recent years? Bitter and withdrawn? Or is he a ticking bomb waiting for us to come and light his wick?

Concept image of Adam Smasher, Cyberpunk 2077.
Adam Smasher, CD Project Red.

Biography – Adam Smasher

Adam was originally a snoring kid from the streets of New York who lived the flea in a gang. When the economic collapse turned the United States into a third world country in which citizens lost their pensions and insurance coverage, not to mention jobs, Adam’s gang had a moment of success. The application of martial law led to many bloody clashes between civilians, gangs and the military, in which Adam’s gang was wiped out.

To survive, Adam enlisted and fought for the government. But after a couple of years, he was relegated due to disobedience. He returned to New York and started as a solo, a private mercenary, taking all the jobs he could. For a time he was quite successful. As for many in the profession, it ended badly for Adam and the remains of him were taken home in a sack. Mysterious trading partners gave him an offer many can not resist, join us or die.

Adam joined, but not just to survive, but because he got a metal body and a war profession in return. He resurrected as Adam Smasher, a cyborg. It would turn out that his financiers were a sister company to Arasaka, whose aggressive corporate governance suited him well. During his time with Arasaka, Adam Smasher would form a bitter rivalry against Morgan Blackhand, another soloist who worked for the rival company Militech.

-Firestorm Shockwave: The Fourth Corporate War Book Two.

Complete bodily conversion

Adam Smasher is what in Cyberpunk is known as a castle (slang for cyborg), ie a person who has almost completely switched to a synthetic body. What usually remains after a complete bodily conversion is the brain and parts of the spine, the rest is metal and plastic. This is gives the person amazing qualities like increased longevity, adaptable body, physical endurance and strength as well as cybernetic qualities.

But life as a cyborg is also incredibly expensive. Not only are the conversion and the artificial body expensive, you also have to pay large sums to repair, replace and maintain the body. Fuel as energy cells are needed to power the mechanical body and nutrient capsules are needed to prevent the brain from shrinking, although this is only a fraction of other costs.

In a way, Adam Smasher has to work for Arasaka only to be able to maintain his cyborg life – and continued existence. It would also not be a surprise if Arasaka installed some form of holding hook on Adam, such as an off-button or skull bomb. For all we know, Adam Smasher thrives in Arasaka’s employment, as they let him take the turns with his murderous behavior.

Control room at Arasaka, Cyberpunk 2077.
Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project Red.

Cyber ​​Sick

For anyone who installs cybernetics in their bodies, there is a risk of cyber psychosis. The term is a collective word for various mental illnesses with a strong connection to cyber goods. Paranoia, violent behavior, apathy and personality splitting are just some of the effects that too much cybernetics can cause.

What about poor Adam then? The rules should be the same and considering that he is probably 80 years old, he probably has several psychotic disorders. But since he was a disturbed person from the beginning, there was perhaps not much mentally intact to begin with. The lack of empathy was not something his metal body caused.

Adam showed early signs of what might be called cyborg-superiority complexes. After converting to a cyborg, he adopted a metal-is-better-than-meat mentality that is likely to be reinforced by his aggressiveness. The attitude has over the years also become an argument in the rivalry against Morgan Blackhand who relies more on skill than mechanical superiority.

The man who killed Johnny Silverhand

Before Adam Smasher announced his presence in Cyberpunk 2077 we last saw him in the role-playing adventure Firestorm Shockwave. The adventure focuses on the culminating corporate war that ends with Johnny Silverhand and Morgan Blackhand attacking an Arasaka building in Night City with the help of rival Militech. During the attack, Johnny discovers that his girlfriend is stuck in Arasaka’s database (a long story we will have to take another day). In an attempt to save her, Adam shoots Johnny. The attack ends with a nuclear explosion that clears large parts of central Night City.

The adventure book explicitly states that Johnny is going to die, regardless of the players’ actions or attempts to stop Adam – Arasaka’s strengths are simply superior. There are rumors on the streets of Night City that the remains of Johnny Silverhand have been transported from the ruins. And in Cyberpunk 2077 people are still wondering where the freedom fighter Johnny is. We know that his consciousness is somehow transferred to the chip V steals from Arasaka, and we know that Adam Smasher is alive, more terrifying than ever. The questions that remain are just whether Johnny will get his revenge on Smasher and Arasaka. And if Morgan Blackhand is also alive.

Where's Johnny? Cyberpunk 2077.
Cyberpunk 2077, CD Project Red.

On November 19, we know when Cyberpunk 2077 released for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One followed by Google Stadia and next generation consoles.