Adorable retro platformer Kitsune Tails is coming next year

Did you play the political platform game Super Bernie World? If not, you can still download it for free via Steam and Its developers, Kitsune Games, is now in the process of a brand new game: Kitsune Tails. The game is developed in collaboration with the studio MidBoss (2064: Read Only Memories) and the publisher Ratalaika Games.

Kitsune Tails is a platform game cast in Japanese mythology. It is easy to draw parallels to Super Mario Bros. 3, but also some newer games like Alwa’s Legacy. Not to mention the soundtrack that gives rough Mystical Ninjavibes (see trailer above). The player’s abilities range from being able to run on water to shooting fireballs, and they can both be found and stolen from enemies. In other words, it is colorful pixels and classic platform puzzles we have to look forward to when Kitsune Tails released – tentatively in early 2022, for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.