Aeon Must Die! Looks like a devilish brawler

There is a lot going on Focus Home Interactive this year. One of the more interesting projects for this year is called Aoen Must Die! And is a futuristic sci-fi brawler with a doomsday soundtrack on synth organ and a real “oomf!” at each measured stroke.

The developers Limestone Games promises a system with a risk-reward system that will give you whiplash injuries. This will place great demands on the player’s tactical side, not least when the AI ​​is apparently to be “innovative”. That which sells signed on Aeon Must Die! However, is undoubtedly the visual bit. One piece Throne meet Starcraft, with a generous dose of Japanese sentai aesthetics.

Aoen Must Die! Released sometime during the year on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. You can add it to your wishlist on Steam here and look at the trailer (which is also in the header).