After Batista – Gears 5 gets even more show wrestlers!

Last month we wrote about the unexpected news that Gears 5 now lets you swap Marcus Fenix ​​for the show wrestler (and the surprisingly competent actor) Batista. And now it has turned out that even more show wrestlers are on their way Gears 5, more specifically the members of the WWE trio The New Day!

In other words, it’s Austin Creed (a recognized gaming nerd who even has his own Youtube channel), Kofi Kingston and Big E, which will all be added to Gears 5 as future dlc.

How, when and in what form we do not know yet, but it’s probably about skins in the game’s multiplayer part, which was also how Batista got her foot in Gearsthe door when it went around the launch of Gears 5 last fall.

Here is Austin Creed’s tweet about The New Days coming up Gears 5-debut.