After six years of suspension – now Valve lets “Jamppi” into the heat

Being caught cheating is almost like a death sentence in e-sports. Counter-Strike features the dreaded VAC banner, Valve Anti-Cheat. The anti-cheating system tells you if you have programs on your computer that are not allowed and the punishment has until now been permanent.

For the individual player, a VAC course is extremely tedious and the account can never be used to play on dedicated servers again. Many people therefore choose to create a new account because of this, but then lose all their other games and successes.

If, on the other hand, a professional player or potential talent becomes VAC-banned, his entire career is at risk. A player with a banned account is no longer allowed to participate in Valve-organized competitions, which means majors are the biggest competitions and all teams strive to reach. This is exactly what happened to Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen from Finland, who was punished over six years ago.

“Jamppis” case is one of the most talked about accusations of cheating in the history of e-sports. Valve has always been adamant that a confirmed course can never be adjusted and this case has even reached the courtroom, 2020, where Valve got the court on its side. “Jamppi” seemed to have given up hope and in early 2021 it became official that he instead started playing Valorant for the team Liquid.

Now, however, Valve has adjusted its policy regarding the case, which means that people who have been suspended for at least five years may participate in future Valve events. From “Jamppi’s” side, however, nothing has been confirmed as to whether a return to CS: GO is to be expected, but via Twitter the professional responded in any case by thanking Valve for having finally been allowed to play again.