After the conflicts: TV4 and Com Hem agree on an agreement

Update (2020-11-19):

The new agreement has been signed

Finally, Com Hem and TV4 Media have agreed on a new multi-year agreement which means that 2.1 million households can continue to enjoy TV4’s channels and C More.

The new agreement covers not only TV4, Sjuan and TV12 but also TV4 Fakta, TV4 Guld, TV4 Film and Sportkanalen.

The good news is that the channels included in the basic offer will also be available on mobile phones and touchpads, until now none of the TV4 channels have been available via the Comhem Play service.

– I am glad that we now have a long-term agreement that benefits both parties and gives our customers access to more entertainment. Above all, I am pleased that we managed to solve this without interruption for our TV viewers who can now continue to follow programs such as Idol and So much better, says Samuel Skott, commercial manager at Com Hem in a comment.

How much Com Hem may pay to TV4 Media for the viewing rights is not clear from the press release.

Update (2020-11-04):

Framework for new agreement ready

Early this morning, the news came that Com Hem and TV4 Media have agreed on a framework for an agreement on broadcasting rights. This means that Com Hem’s customers can continue to watch the previously extinguished channels while the parties continue to negotiate a final agreement.

This time, the conflict is about price increases that Com Hem does not consider reasonable. Subsequent negotiations have dragged on. When a new agreement can actually be in place remains to be seen.

Update (2020-11-02):

The channels remain until Tuesday

Despite intensive negotiations over the weekend, Com Hem and TV4 Media have still not managed to agree on a new agreement.

Pending an agreement, however, the two parties have agreed to make TV4’s channels available until 23:59 on Tuesday.

If the channels are switched off, customers will be replaced with other channels. In addition, TV4 will be able to be watched free of charge on TV4 Play for a limited period.

Update (2020-10-30):

The threat of extinguishing is postponed

Negotiations between Com Hem and TV4 Media have dragged on, so the threat to shut down TV4’s channels for 2.1 million households is postponed until the night between Sunday and Monday.

– It is good that we have agreed to temporarily extend the agreement so that we can negotiate an agreement that both parties are satisfied with. Now we hope that we can agree, so that our customers can continue to watch the channels even after Sunday night, says Samuel Skott, commercial manager at Com Hem in a press release.

Previously (2020-10-27):

Millions can be without TV4

Now 2.1 million households risk getting rid of TV4, Sjuan and TV12 again, this due to the fact that Com Hem and Boxer have difficulty reaching a new agreement with TV4 Media, which is owned by Telia.

A similar conflict broke out at the end of last year and that time it ended with a temporary agreement that runs until October 30.

– It is sad that we again can not agree with Telia, something that before Telia took over ownership of the channels had never happened in our and TV4’s joint history. Com Hem and Boxer have always contributed with significant reach for the mainly advertising-financed TV4 channels. It is therefore surprising that Telia is now requesting a sharp price increase when we so recently agreed on an agreement, says Samuel Skott, commercial manager at Com Hem in a press release.