After Tim Cook’s meeting in the White House – Apple will strengthen security in the supply chain

In the past year, several major IT incidents have highlighted the importance of IT security not only for individual companies but for the economy and society at large. The Solarwinds hack was a wake-up call for many, and even in Sweden many felt the effect when Kaseya’s remote administration system was hacked.

Yesterday, President Biden invited leaders of a number of large American technology companies to the White House for a meeting on IT security, and several of the companies have unveiled new initiatives that will strengthen security throughout the supply chain, including Apple.

Apple comes according to CNBC establish a security program to help the company’s many subcontractors – over 9,000 companies in the United States alone – improve IT security.

Among other things, it is about getting all these companies to start using multifactor authentication, logging and planning for how security incidents are to be handled.

Microsoft will spend more than SEK 170 billion on improving its security tools and another SEK 1.3 billion on helping US authorities with IT security training. Google will spend billions on security, and IBM will train 150,000 people in IT security, among other things. Amazon will distribute free security keys for multifactor authentication to AWS customers.