Agent: Rockstar (GTA) seems to have buried its PlayStation exclusive once and for all

In the list of Arlésiennes of the video game, Agent is very well placed. Announced with great fanfare in 2009, the game from Rockstar Games has never really given any news since. Over time, various rumors have shed some light on the project and its abandonment by Rockstar. For its part, the American publisher has never formalized the cancellation of the game. A new detail, however, leads us to believe that he has finished well with Agent.

In all likelihood, Rockstar Games has abandoned Agent for good. Indeed, the title is no longer listed on the page of the official site of Rockstar dedicated to its games. And this change is very recent since Agent was still appearing on the site earlier this week. The thing was discovered by a Twitter user answering the pseudonym of “Ulvi. “

On the Rockstar site, the space devoted by Agent still displayed the game logo and a brief description. And the latter had not changed since the game was announced 12 years ago:

Rockstar Games is proud to announce Agent. Developed by Rockstar North, the team behind Grand Theft Auto, Agent will be available exclusively on PlayStation 3. Agent takes players on a paranoid journey into the world of espionage, counterintelligence and political assassinations at the height of War. Cold at the end of the 70s.

Agent or the end of the Phantom PlayStation Exclusive

The site of the American publisher therefore indicated this year again that the game is a PS3 exclusive. Over time, the situation around Agent has never been clarified by Rockstar Games. Successive rumors have affirmed and denied the abandonment of the game by the American publisher.

But as regards apparently official information, it was necessary to be satisfied with the activities on the side of trademarks. In December 2016, we told you, for example, that the brand had been re-registered by Rockstar. This renewed hope was not justified, however. It was indeed discovered at the end of November 2018 that the American publisher had abandoned the brand.

Everything therefore led to believe that officially, the game was definitively abandoned three years ago. Today’s news only drives one more nail into Agent’s coffin.

Does this news surprise you? Does she disappoint you? Would you have liked to play Agent? What do you think happened? Tell us all in the comments below.