Aim for the stars in Trove with Lunar Plunge

Trove currently has a time-limited event (Lunar Plunge) in which players must collect pieces of star that have fallen from the sky. From these star pieces, players can then construct a variety of unique objects. There is also a new tree in the hub in which players can donate their wishes in exchange for seeds that boost your character.

Lunar Plunge runs until August 18. Read more about the event in its official FAQ.

It is not entirely unusual for online games that events like this are accompanied by offers and unique items in the game’s store. Trove has a bunch of items for sale and special bundles. You can read more about the current offers here. But if you are curious about the thematic Trove equipment for Lunar Plunde, you can scroll down a bit.

Moon Goddess’s Goody Bag Pack:

  • PR0T0 LANC-R costume
  • Lunar Trickster costume
  • Lunar Lobster ally
  • Niece of the Moon ally
  • Pinata God’s Galleon boat
  • Lunar Scooter magrider
  • Lanterel, the Lasting Light mount
  • Foxtrot Force Captain mount
  • Spectral Starlotyl mount (also available through completing event adventure)

For a complete gallery of items, see the official website.

Rides for Trove Lunar Plunge.
Lanterel, Lasting Light, Foxtrot Force Captain, and Spectral Starlotyl Riders