Airtags Reveals Illegal Disposal of Homeless Property

In the US state of Oregon, municipalities that forcibly relocate homeless people must keep all the belongings they take with them from tent camps and the like for at least a month, so that the owners can pick them up.

Lawyer Michael Fuller, who defends several homeless people in Portland, suspected that the city would not follow the law and therefore attached 16 Airtags to various properties belonging to people in a group of homeless people with a camp in one of the city’s parks that were threatened with eviction, reports Portland Tribune.

Quite rightly, an eviction was also carried out by the entrepreneur Rapid Response Bio Clean, and shortly after Michael Fuller was able to trace his washers to a dump. The belongings that were traced included a pair of gloves, a speaker, two paintings and a coffee maker.

Now he says that the city must explain itself and pay compensation for the discarded property.

Airtag has previously, among other things, helped to reunite a person with a stolen bicycle and a man in New York with his wallet that he lost on the subway.