All about 2022 models of Ipad Pro

Update (2022-01-15):

Tasks: Ipad Pro can be without a glass back

Previous information has indicated that the next Ipad Pro would have a glass back. However, Apple should have been thinking about whether this is really a good idea, as it would make the device much more fragile. The glass would, among other things, make it possible to charge the device wirelessly with, for example, a Magsafe charger.

Nu pekar nya tasks from 9 to 5 Mac against the fact that Apple has changed its mind. The next iPad Pro may still have an aluminum back, but in return a larger Apple logo made of glass. Through this, charging could take place wirelessly.

Apple should have such prototypes in its test labs, with an Apple logo about the same size as on the latest Macbook Pro.

A new Ipad Pro is expected to be unveiled, probably with an M2 chip, in 2022.

Update (2021-10-06):

OLED screen is delayed until 2023

For a while now, it has been rumored that the iPad Pro will eventually be equipped with an OLED screen, that is, the same kind of screen used in newer models of Iphone.

According to a new report from South Korea The Elec however, it will be 2023 or 2024 before the transition takes place, which means that Apple will stick to the mini-joint in next year’s models.

Once the switch to OLED screens takes place, we can expect that there will be a greater range on the refresh rate, more specifically between 10 and 120 hertz. For comparison, it is 24-120 hertz that applies in the current models.

Update (2021-07-09):

Tasks: Mini-joint on the way even to the 11-inch

When Apple introduced a new Ipad Pro earlier this year, a mini-led screen was one of the biggest news, in addition to the M1 chip also found for the iPad. But only the 12.9-inch got the mini-led technology. However, it will not be long before the technology also finds its way to the smaller 11-inch.

As early as 2022, the 11-inch can get the same technology as the 12.9-inch, according to data from Ming-Chi Kuo, as Macrumors reports if. Possibly it can happen at the same time as the Ipad Pro is rumored to get a new back in glass.

The Macbook Air is also expected to have a mini-LED screen next year.

Update (2021-07-02):

Tasks: The next Ipad Pro gets a new 3 nm processor

From the second half of 2022, Apple will start using a new manufacturing process from its main chip supplier TSMC, according to tasks from Japanese Nikkei. It will be a small 3 nm process that will take place in the 2022 Ipad (probably the Pro model), according to the publication.

A reduced manufacturing process means that the distances between transistors on a chip, measured in nanometers, decrease. According to TSMC, a 3 nm process can increase the chip’s computational performance by 10-15 percent compared to 5 nm as in today’s A chip. At the same time, energy consumption can be reduced by 25 to 30 percent.

How Apple prioritizes performance versus energy efficiency is a balance that Apple engineers decide on the drawing board, but with a smaller process, we can expect processors that are either faster, more economical or, most likely, a balance of the two.


New models of the iPad Pro were recently launched, but already now there have been rumors about what may be relevant in next year’s upgrade of Apple’s touchpads.

According to a new report from Bloomberg one of the big news will be support for wireless charging of the same kind as found in Iphone 12. In order for it all to work as well as possible, the back is said to be made of glass instead of aluminum.

Otherwise, we can probably expect the usual updates in the form of faster processor, improved cameras and so on.