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On June 7, it’s time for Apple to present this year’s new operating system and there is much to suggest that one of the news will be spiked icons for the included apps.

On Tuesday, a new version of was released Apple Music for Artists and there, Apple has chosen to replace the multicolored and flat note icon with a new variant in red and white that offers a sense of depth.

Apple Music
The old icon on the left, the new one on the right.

Macrumors notes that a similar change has been made in the past for App Store Connect, the app used to upload apps to the App Store.

App Store Connect
The old icon on the left, the new one on the right.

We can probably expect that in the long run there will be exactly the same icons for both iOS and Mac OS, currently only certain icons look the same.

Previously (2021-03-29):

The site 9to5Mac claims to have detected the first traces of iOS 15 and Mac OS 12 in the code for Webkit, the rendering engine used in the Safari browser.

Unfortunately, we do not know the details of what will be offered this time, but in all probability the new operating systems will be shown at the WWDC developer conference in June together with Ipad OS 15, TV OS 15 and Watch OS 8.

After that, a few months of beta testing awaits and sometime in September or October, the sharp versions will be sent out to the public.