Amazon is closing down one of its MMO ventures

Amazon is struggling to create games that the market actually wants, but apparently there are bigger problems than that at the moment.

Amazon has been working on a Sagan om Ringen MMO for over two years, which many have been looking forward to, but now there has been really sad news.

Amazon Game Studios, which developed the game with Leyou Technologies Holdings Ltd of China. The Chinese studio has in turn been acquired by Tencent, which means that they decide that part of the game now, this has made Amazon and Tencent do not agree regarding the game and this means that they have chosen to discontinue the development of The Lord of the Rings MMO.

Amazon Game Studios has had a tough time and has never really succeeded with any games yet, but they are fighting on and have definitely not given up on this. As we already know, they have another MMO underway, New World, which has already been delayed several times, but we can only hope that it is worth the wait.