Amazon’s first health gadget brings the user to life

Amazon on Thursday unveiled its first wearable, Amazon Halo, a screenless health bracelet designed to keep both the user’s body and relationships healthy.

Halo is connected to the wearer’s smartphone, but is not used to listen to music or to find your way. The bracelet also does not have gps, wifi or nfc. However, it is water resistant down to 50 meters and has a battery that should last a whole week. The bracelet also has an optical heart rate monitor to keep track of step count and activity as well as a microphone.

However, the microphone is not used for Amazon’s assistant Alexa. Instead, it should analyze the tone of your voice and use machine learning to analyze the “energy” and “charge” in it so that you can better understand how you sound in front of others. Which in turn is meant to help you communicate better and nurture your relationships. Amazon says that the feature works best for American English, but is not limited by language and will only get better with time.

Halo’s other unique feature is a full body scan that uses AI and machine learning. The bracelet can calculate your body fat level using your smartphone camera which creates a 3D scan of your body. A neural network identifies the body and separates it from the background of the image down to pixel level and another neural network calculates proportions, body shape and distribution of muscle and fat.

According to Amazon, the tool should be as accurate as the methods a doctor uses and twice as safe as market-leading smart scales. If, on the other hand, the user weighs more than 225 kilos or has more than 50 percent body fat, is pregnant, is in a wheelchair or has a “different physical shape”, such as a prosthesis, Amazon says the measurement result will not be as accurate.

All data from the bracelet is processed either directly on the mobile phone or via the cloud where it is deleted afterwards so that no one but the user himself can take part in it.

Amazon Halo offers free step counting as well as measurement of sleep and heart rate, but the bracelet is intended to be used in conjunction with a subscription service that costs 4 dollars (approximately 35 kronor) a month and unlocks the advanced features. Six months are included with the purchase of the bracelet.

Amazon Halo is not available for purchase yet, but when it does, the bracelet will initially sell for $ 65 during a beta period and then move to the full price of $ 100.

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