Among Us: League of Legends lands with Arcane event

Riot Games has released the big game for its Arcane series, based in the League of Legends universe. Among its multiple cross-overs and events, the latest brings the game’s skins to Among Us.

League of Legends fans can now enjoy their world in many other games since the release of the animated series Arcane in early November, which takes place in the MOBA universe of Riot Games. The nine-episode series is divided into three acts of three episodes each, with the first three already available on Netflix.

Culture of the Arcane

And after Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, its characters will be found in another title that is completely unlicensed: Among Us. A special Arcane pack can be purchased on the successful bluff game. With various skins to equip to have the best style on the ship, according to the latest announcement from Innersloth and Riot Games. Not sure if it will allow you to blend in, but it will always offer more unique style options.

Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn and Heimerdinger are the stars of this special crossover pack. Their hairstyles and outfits will be obtainable, as well as a Poro, Claggor’s glasses and other cosmetics. Instead of referring directly to League of Legends, the items are faithful to the Arcane series. There are characters absent from the game such as the Enforcers, the soldiers of the dreaded Piltover militia.

A cosmic update

The event also celebrates the recent Among Us update which introduced “cosmicubes”, a new way to buy skins in the game. Among the most significant updates since the game’s release, it has also introduced multiple roles that will make the task of unmasking impostors more difficult … or vice versa, depending on the level of each. These roles can be completely customized and added or removed from the game, with adjustable probabilities, completely changing the gameplay.

The Guardian Angel, for example, can help save a crew member by protecting them from the misdeeds of impostors. Yet another role allows crew members to use the ventilations to move faster from one place to another. But be careful not to be mistaken for an impostor by being seen by another member of the crew. A leveling system has also been added to give a little more replayability and bring back old players.

The Cosmicube Arcane pack costs 80 stars in the Among Us store, or just under € 8, for more than ten cosmetic items. It will be available for purchase until December 31.