An application to simplify the transfer of captures

Long reserved for video game professionals, the press or the most motivated players, taking game screenshots has become more democratic with the PS4-Xbox One generation. On Nintendo consoles, it is possible to take screenshots from the 3DS. On the latter, however, taking catches was not particularly easy. On Switch, the process has been simplified. But it is not yet fully optimized. A developer therefore wanted to make life easier for fans of screenshots and other gameplay videos.

A developer had fun creating a free application that speeds up the transfer of captures and videos taken on a Nintendo Switch. This application, called SwitchBuddy is now available on devices ios and Android.

Without SwitchBuddy, players have several ways to transfer the captures made to their Switch. The most straightforward is to insert the Switch’s SD card into a computer. Once the memory card is in the latter, all you have to do is transfer the images and videos.

Nintendo Switch screenshots, quite a story

To transfer screenshots and videos to a smartphone, the process is less straightforward. You must first choose the screenshots or video to send on the Switch. Once done, you must connect the smartphone to the console by scanning the QR Code displayed by the Switch. To display the screenshots or the video on the mobile device, you must then scan this QR Code again. After this step, all the player has to do is save the screenshots on their smartphone.

SwitchBuddy application on smartphone.

The SwitchBuddy app allows you to remove several steps from this tedious process. Once you have chosen the captures or video on the Switch, you only need to scan the QR Code once from SwitchBuddy. When this is done, the selected media appear directly in the app.

It’s free but you are not the product

The user can then choose to save the photos (all at once) or the video on their smartphone or to share them (send to friends, transfer to other applications, etc.). On iOS, the player also has the option of directly saving their captures to iCloud. Making this second choice directly creates a SwitchBuddy folder in iCloud.

As stated above, the SwitchBuddy app is free. People who financially support its creator, however, have a greater choice of interface colors. The developer of SwitchBuddy, however, insists that the functionality of its application will remain free.

What do you say about this application for transferring screenshots and videos made on Nintendo Switch? Do you plan to download it? Do you think that Nintendo could improve the way of managing the captures made from its console? Give us your opinion in the comments below.