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an event that will delight anime fans

an event that will delight anime fans

Throughout the summer, Riot Games is bringing the Star Guardian event back to LoL. A tribute to the Magical Girl genre with brand new content for League of Legends, League of Legends: Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra.

You will be able to spend your summer with the LoL franchise thanks to an event much appreciated by the returning community.

The Star Guardians Event

The “Magical Girl” once again takes possession of the LoL license as part of the Star Guardians event.

The Star Guardian universe is a world our players have loved and wanted to see more of for many years. We are very excited to bring it back in this way, across multiple Riot titles and games. We look forward to working with so many amazing partners to show the potential of this universe to our players, as well as potential new fans who love this kind of magic as much as we do.

This genre in its own right focuses on friendship and the additional powers granted to young women. To better visualize, think of the mythical Sailor Moon animation series. Already online, the event was promoted by the song “Everything Goes On” by Porter Robinson. Music that deals with mourning.

“Everything Goes On” tells the story of two guardians of the stars who, each on their own, accept their grief and find the will to continue their adventure with their new comrades.

In addition to this audio track, an album of Lo-Fi music, completely free of rights, has been composed by sever