An ex-PlatinumGames sees elements from Scalebound

True to their status as inveterate pranksters, the little guys at PlatinumGames cast doubt on their intentions during tonight’s Nintendo Direct. The first few seconds will not deceive anyone about the genesis of Bayonetta 3.

The oldest among you probably remember a certain Scalebound, the Xbox One exclusive that had saved players for a few years before being canceled by Microsoft in 2017, not without having meanwhile released its hinges the yet placid (non) producer Hideki Kamiya. If he now occupies the position of executive producer on the highly anticipated Bayonetta 3, the team in charge of the next monstrously classy beat’em all could well have served as refuges for the small grieving hands of said Scalebound.

This is witchcraft!

Tonight, many players will have been surprised by the look of the heroine, which borrows quite widely from a certain Cereza, former employees of the studio will have taken advantage of this long-awaited announcement to pass a head, and analyze Bayonetta 3 with their eyes ofinsider. This is – you guessed it – the case of Jean Pierre Kellams, ex-producer on the famous Scalebound, who would not have completely disappeared from the surface of the Earth. According to him, some elements would indeed remain in Bayonetta 3:

I forgot to mention it, but Yusuke Miyata was the lead designer of Scalebound, he’s super talented, and I can’t wait to play Bayonetta 3 because he’s the one making it.

This effect of communicating vessels (some would say “runoff”) would be felt – still according to Kellams – even in the gameplay of Bayonetta 3 :

The handling of summons is a LOT like a mechanic we developed in Scalebound to control the dragon Thuban. Now that I’ve had the chance to see the trailer again, I’m super excited.

This should perhaps help the most fragile players to mourn, and to dive back into the few Scalebound videos still available, and try to find for themselves what elements of the defunct title have found like the director Yusuke Miyata their place in Bayonetta 3, officially expected in 2022 on Switch.