An original 2D intro unveiled by an animator

Sonic the Hedgehog is definitely in the spotlight right now. Surprisingly, it is not the future open-world episode that is in the news, but the astonishing RPG released in 2008 on DS.

Because his (many) failures never seem able to stop him, Sonic tackled role-playing in 2008, thanks to the good care of specialist Bioware. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, indeed proposed to marry the speed of the supersonic mascot with the rhythm very different from the combat turn-by-turn typical of the genre. Released on DS, the synthesis will undoubtedly not have been unanimous, but Sonic Chronicles will have at least been able to mark the spirits thanks to its universe, which mixed 2D backgrounds with 3D characters.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Secret

From the first seconds of the adventure, the introduction precisely focused on the fighting, all in 3D. And yet! A 2D version of this famous opening cinematic had been developed, as an echo to the cult sequence of a certain Sonic CD. Remained until now unpublished, it has just been unveiled to the public for the first time, thanks to host Jonathan Cooper:

In view of the result much more pleasant on the artistic level, the ex-Bioware now host for Naughty Dog is surprised at the choices that led to prefer the sequence we know to introduce Sonic Chronicles The Dark Brotherhood:

This fantastic 2D sequence was inexplicably cut by SEGA, which used the same music in the final version. It was a project carried with passion by Joel MacMillan and Nick DiLiberto. Nick left video games to pursue a solo career as a 2D filmmaker in Japan.

What do you think of SEGA’s choices? Would you have preferred to discover this sequence instead of the one that accompanies Sonic Chronicles? Let us know your 2D opinions in the comments below.