Analogue Pocket has a sales start date

After several delays, it finally seems that Analogue Pocket may start to be delivered before Christmas.

Analogue Pocket has been a product many have been looking forward to but which has been delayed time and time again, the first time we heard about this console was already 2019 and it has been a tough journey since then.

At first it was thought that Analogue Pocket would be released in 2020, then this was moved to May 2021, then to October 2021 and now we finally have a date that looks like it has been nailed. We will be able to start buying Analogue Pocket on December 13th and I guess it’s important to be fast when the interest is great.

Analogue Pocket will be able to play cassettes from Game Boy and Sega Game Gear, a perfectly handheld retro console.