Android 11: Here’s the news in Google’s new mobile OS

Leaked allegedly displaying the power button’s Android 11 menu

Now, images have leaked to what is alleged to be the Android 11 menu for the power button. Something that was first noticed The Verge.

The menu shows a number of new shortcuts for smart home features to control things like lights, curtains, locks, cameras and temperature. Apparently, a short press should turn the unit on or off while a long press shows additional settings.

In addition, the menu also shows previously known shortcuts for things like restart, shutdown, screenshots, emergency calls and payments.

It is still unclear when the release for Android 11 will be released.

Google delays the Android 11 beta

Google had originally planned to release the first public beta of Android 11 on June 3, but now the company is choosing to postpone the release.

In a tweet android developers write that “now is not a place to celebrate”. Something that was first noticed The Verge.

Exactly what they are referring to is unclear, but many have assumed that it is the ongoing protests against police violence in the United States that are happening in several places around the country in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.
The protests, as well as the authorities’ response to the protests, have escalated and become more serious in recent days.

The beta of Android 11 will instead be released at a later date, then the idea is that new versions should be released each month until the sharp version is released sometime in the fall.

Here’s everything we know about Android 11

At the time of writing, three pre-release versions have been released for developers, which means that we already know some of the features we will see in Android 11.

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For example, in the latest preview version released at the end of April, we are offered a new way to select a background image and rename the Volume menu to Sounds. In addition, Google has added a new gesture to undo app shutdown.

To download the latest pre-release version of Android 11 you will need a Pixel mobile, but fortunately the public beta will work on more models than that. Exactly what it will be, we are likely to know on June 3.

Once the sharp version is released, the various manufacturers will usually need to customize the system to their needs, which means it will probably take a few more months before you can upgrade your particular mobile phone. If you have an older model you will not be able to upgrade at all.

Lots of news

We have already mentioned some minor news in passing and in principle that list can be made as long as possible. For example, it will be possible to set exactly what times when the dark mode should be activated and you will also receive a warning if you have not placed your mobile in the right place on the charging mat. In other words, you don’t have to be annoyed that your phone is still discharged when you pick it up.

Furthermore, it will be faster to update apps and we will also get a whole new api for neural networks, which can be of great benefit in machine learning.

Improved conversations

One of the most talked about news in Android 11 is Bubbles, a feature that keeps your ongoing conversations on screen while doing other things with your mobile. Fortunately, if you do not like the feature, you will be able to turn it off.

There will also be a new section for conversations in the notes menu, which gives quick access to your messages and you can even send pictures from this menu if desired.

You can also mark a particular conversation as particularly important or choose to add a shortcut to it directly on the home screen.

Enhanced phone features

Another of the news in Android 11 is that you will be able to add the caller to your contacts or block the person right after a completed phone call. That way you don’t have to remember to do it manually at a later date.

Improved camera features

A long-awaited news is the ability to mute the sound of ringtones, alarms and notifications while the camera is running, which can be very distracting during video conversations or while recording a movie.

Another nice news is that you will be able to use the camera’s bokeh mode with third-party apps.

Temporary permissions

You probably know that newly installed apps usually ask for access to a variety of things, such as the microphone or the camera. One of the news in Android 11 is that you will be able to give apps temporary access to what is requested, in other words, a new request will appear the next time the app wants to use a certain feature.

Improved 5g support

As 5g connectivity becomes increasingly common in new mobile phones, Google has made sure to update its api, which allows you to take full advantage of the higher speeds on offer. If you do not want to waste your surf pot unnecessarily, the resolution of pictures and videos can be reduced if necessary.

Support for new screens

Recently, we have seen a wide range of new display solutions, including holes with holes for the front camera or screens that continue over the edge.

New monkeys provide extended support for these screens, which means you can fully use the screen surface without having to suffer any unpleasant surprises.

Improved security

With the launch of Android 11, Google will release new security updates every month, but efforts will also be made to improve basic security. For example, a number of new monkeys will be added, provide increased support for various biometric solutions and implement various improvements in storage and data sharing.

In addition to the changes in Android 11, it will also introduce stricter routines on Google Play, so hopefully we will see fewer apps that contain malicious code in the long run.

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