Animator recreates Burnout 3 in GTA 5, and the result is impressive!

As the self-proclaimed racing expert of the PC Gamer staff, I have the authority to appoint Burnout 3: Takedown to one of the very best racing games ever. Unfortunately, it was only released for consoles when it went out in 2004, but now we PC players also get to taste the Citerion Games classics! Type.

The animator LucasRPDJ has recreated Burnout 3: Takedown in Grand Theft Auto 5the editor with almost frightening precision, and you can check out the results via Reddit (with the correct intro music) or Youtube (below, along with the original Burnout 3-introt). Especially the oh so important sound effects and camera rides impress, and make me hope that LucasRPDJ manages to make the glory complete and playable for the public some beautiful day, for lack of an official remaster. You can dream!

Here is Burnout 3: Takedown recreated in GTA 5, together with the original Burnout 3-introt.