Announcement suggests development of remake at Sony

In view of the financial stakes, the video game industry systematically tries to keep the greatest secrecy on the projects in progress. Luckily, job postings can sometimes give you a better idea of ​​what the future holds. And because that seems to be the zeitgeist, Sony could be working on a remake for the PS5.

Last spring, the most informed journalist in the industry published an article claiming that a remake of The Last of Us would be in development on PS5, not without lifting the veil behind the scenes of the project, which was born from the will of the Visual Arts Service Group studio to move upmarket. Since these revelations, Sony has taken care to maintain a largely monastic silence on the subject, but a job offer recently posted could support this thesis.

Wanted dead or alive

PlayStation Studios is currently looking for a technical game designer in San Diego. The profile published two short days ago on LinkedIn hopes to recruit a developer with “an appetite for third-person action-adventure games”, a genre that now seems to dictate the manufacturer’s editorial policy on PS5. But going into the details of the announcement, a few clues allow us to draw the outlines of the current project:


– Implement existing gameplay systems in a new framework
– Improve existing level scripts and their interactions
– Prototyping and refining of game features.

Between the lines, the current development seems to be based on an existing material that would have to be reworked to make it up to date again. In other words … a remake. The offer from PlayStation Studios obviously takes care not to evoke anything of the nature of the project, and it will therefore be necessary to rely only on speculation to guess which title could therefore emerge, one day perhaps, on PS5.

According to information from Jason Schreier, the Visual Arts Service Group studio would have gradually abandoned their remake project of The Last of Us, and the latter would be directly in the hands of Naughty Dog, already busy with the highly anticipated multiplayer mode of The Last of Us Part II.