Apple donates BLM mural to charity

Apple has chosen to donate the large mural for Black Lives Matter that appeared on the barricades in front of Apple’s store at Pioneer Place in Portland, Oregon in the USA, to the charity Do Not Shoot PDX, reports Apple Insider.

In its newsletter, Don’t Shoot PDX writes that the mural panels “reflect the response of so many who witnessed this summer’s uprising and joint protest against institutionalized violence and white nationalism”

Apple set up the barricades at its store in Portland after it was looted and had its glass windows smashed in connection with the protests against George Floyd’s death this summer. Then the local dietitian Emma Berger drew a portrait of George Floyd and the words “I can not breathe”. Additional artwork and announcements were added as time went on.

“Artists in Portland redesigned the shiny barricades around our Pioneer Place Apple Store and created a monumental work of art that honored the ongoing fight for justice and the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. Apple supports artists and all those who fight for social and ethnic justice. “, Apple writes in a statement.

It is currently unknown what will be done with the mural.

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